Pinterest again!!

I saw this cute heart wreath on Pinterest.

So I followed the link to this blog.

I checked Walmart, JoAnns, Michaels and Hobby Lobby for a heart shaped wreath and the only one I found was too small.  So I went with a circular wreath (but that means I can use it for other holidays too!  I bought the wreath, the felt and the straight pins (about $10 for all).  And this morning I got “jiggy” with it!

I made a pattern about 3″ in diameter our of the cardboard box from last nights dinner.


So then I started cutting the circles.


Then, I started pinning the the felt.  Being a uniform type of person, I started in a straight row and decided quickly this wasn’t going to work.

After rearranging (I did this quite a few times) and puffing things up, I was well under way.

And after a while it was looking good!

After 110 felt circles and one foam wreath, here is the finished project hanging on a closet door

And it now proudly hangs on the front door to greet visitors.


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A whirlwind trip

to Austin and back.  We spent 30 hours on the road, drove almost 2000 miles and was in Austin for 34 hours.  Expensive, necessary and 200% worth it!  We now have all our belongings in Franklin and we spent 34 wonderous hours with Sarah!!  Plus, since Rachel spent each night with Sarah, Chuck and I got some alone time too!  All in all a wonderful trip!

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Another Pinterest Project

I saw these family blocks and new they would make a great hybrid project, so off to the craft stores to find some blocks.  I only found 1 package at Hobby Lobby, so I started and will do more once Hobby Lobby gets in more blocks!  So I started with CHuck and I and the 5 kids.  Will add inlaw kids and grandkids as I get more blocks.

All the pictures are pretty recent.  All since October except for Aaron’s, his was from 2010.  (doesn’t that sound like it was so long ago?!?!

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Oh No!! Pinterest!!

so I took the plunge into Pinterest and all I can say is WOW!!  I have started pinning things that interest me, but more importantly, I am doing some of the projects too.

My first is a ruffled Camera Strap.  OF course, Chuck says now he won’t use my camera.

Here are a couple pictures of it in progress: 


And the finished product from the front:

And the back with my embroirdered lens cap pocket:

Don’t look too closely at the flaws, I am learning a new sewing machine.

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Day Three

Today our goal is to  find a place to live.

So we started out with parking the truck at the storage shed, unloading baby brown (Chuck’s truck) and returnung the trailer.  So, before we left the hotel Chuck let me move the bug truck (granted it was only a few feet, but it was fun!)

After leaving the storage shed, we se out to look at apartments.  We had apoinments at several and we ended up choosing Wyndchase at Aspen Grove.

The Leasing office:

The Fitness center with teh personal trainer and massage therapist:

An apartment building, a view from the leasing office.

the main pool, there is another pool behind the fitness center.

The coffee in the leasing office.  Rachel really liked this amenity.


Our apartment is the one on the bottom floor:

The view from our back porch.  I suspect this is beautiful in the Spring and Fall:


Dining room:

Rachel’s room:

Tomorrow?  We unload the truck and start moving in!!

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Day two…again

As I published Day two it posted blank, what a pain, so here I go again.

We had a nice night at the Best Western in Hope, Arkansas and woke up to a nice hot breakfast.

And there was frost on the pumpkin!

Off we went to continue our travels.  Before we left, we got a picture of the truck and the trailer.  Chuck thinks he’s a truck driver now!

On the road, Rachel snacked on her lollipop that Granddad bought her at Thanksgiving.

And finally, we have arrived in Tennessee, just a few more hours to Franklin!!

Once we arrived at the hotel, we wondered around and checked it out.

And enjoyed dinner at the sports bar.  Here is the Christmas tree at the sorts bar.

Here is the view of the lobby from our room

and a beautiful irl in the lobby

and a special message for Sarah

We miss you George!!

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Day one.

We started out early, finishing up the last of the loading of the small stuff.

We waited for Rachel’s new pump to arrive.  She opened it on the road.

We said our goodbyes to Sarah (man was that ever hard!!) and took off to pick up the tow dolly for Chuck’s truck.  Low and behold, we can’t tow the truck since it is rear wheel drive so we start to make changes for us to tow my van.  They ask details and then inform us that the van is too heavy to tow on the dolly.  Now what?!?

The great guy at UHaul makes some calls and finds an auto transporter, takes us over to pick it up and even though it is $10 more, they did not charge us extra.  So, hours later than expected, we are on the road.  Rachel and I stopped in Dallas for dinner with Malia (it was supposed to be lunch!! lol).  Can you believe I forgot to take pictures?!?!

Chuck going slower in the uHaul continued on.  We visited for almost an hour and were only 15 minutes behind him when we stopped for the night in Hope, AR.  We stayed at the Best Western. A wonderul hotel, run by obvious Christians and a hot breakfast the next morning.  Life is pretty good.

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