Pinterest again!!

I saw this cute heart wreath on Pinterest.

So I followed the link to this blog.

I checked Walmart, JoAnns, Michaels and Hobby Lobby for a heart shaped wreath and the only one I found was too small.  So I went with a circular wreath (but that means I can use it for other holidays too!  I bought the wreath, the felt and the straight pins (about $10 for all).  And this morning I got “jiggy” with it!

I made a pattern about 3″ in diameter our of the cardboard box from last nights dinner.


So then I started cutting the circles.


Then, I started pinning the the felt.  Being a uniform type of person, I started in a straight row and decided quickly this wasn’t going to work.

After rearranging (I did this quite a few times) and puffing things up, I was well under way.

And after a while it was looking good!

After 110 felt circles and one foam wreath, here is the finished project hanging on a closet door

And it now proudly hangs on the front door to greet visitors.

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