Day one.

We started out early, finishing up the last of the loading of the small stuff.

We waited for Rachel’s new pump to arrive.  She opened it on the road.

We said our goodbyes to Sarah (man was that ever hard!!) and took off to pick up the tow dolly for Chuck’s truck.  Low and behold, we can’t tow the truck since it is rear wheel drive so we start to make changes for us to tow my van.  They ask details and then inform us that the van is too heavy to tow on the dolly.  Now what?!?

The great guy at UHaul makes some calls and finds an auto transporter, takes us over to pick it up and even though it is $10 more, they did not charge us extra.  So, hours later than expected, we are on the road.  Rachel and I stopped in Dallas for dinner with Malia (it was supposed to be lunch!! lol).  Can you believe I forgot to take pictures?!?!

Chuck going slower in the uHaul continued on.  We visited for almost an hour and were only 15 minutes behind him when we stopped for the night in Hope, AR.  We stayed at the Best Western. A wonderul hotel, run by obvious Christians and a hot breakfast the next morning.  Life is pretty good.


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