Keeping it Real: My life as a Pancreas

Many of you know my daughter Rachel (now 13 years old) has type 1 diabetes.  Soo, long story somewhat short.

July 9, 1997 I had a beautiful healthy baby girl.

She was a normal healthy baby and todder:

Then one day our lives changed forever.  On february 4, 1999 I took rachel to her 18 month well baby appointment, only to find out she was far from “well”.  her wonderful pediatrican diagnosed her with Type 1 diabetes.  We headed to the hospital where we stayed for 5 days with extreme educaton.  It was one of the hardest thngs I have ever gone through.


We never realized how much our life had changed at that moment.  But all these years later we know how different our life is, but how much the same it is as well.  Rachel goes to camp, she is in Girl Scouts, band, soccer, all sorts of fun “normal” stuff.


And there are the “non-normal” stuff in our life:


And why is this about my life as a pancreas?  Because unlike most parents my hosband and I make decisions like a pancreas.  How much food?  How much insulin?  What is her blod glucose?  Diabetes never sleeps, and neither do we.



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2 responses to “Keeping it Real: My life as a Pancreas

  1. Thanks for sharing your story Missi. You are such a good Mommy. I know keeping on top of this is so much work and that must have been so hard to see your baby in the hospital. Keep up the good work! Thanks for joining the KIR linky party!

  2. Family of Blessings

    Love and hugs!

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