Last week at Sweeney.

Well I am three months behind on my blogging, so here I am to catch you up.  Rachel spent her last week at Camp Sweeny.  On Sunday the 13th they finished up the Camp Sweeney Olympics with an Alpha win (Beta has won for many years!) And can we guess which team Rachel is on?  Alpha of course!  GO ALPHAS!

On Monday, the Campers had the medical quiz bowl.  They chose 4 Alpha and 4 Betas for each camper level.  Rachel was 1 of the 4 girls chosen at her age level (there were 32 girls).  She had a good time and even answered her questions right!

On Tuesday, Camp Sweeny had their annual talent show.  Rachel performed with her tumbling class and she performed a dance with her cabin mates.  Looks like they had lots of fun.

On Wednesday, they had the last medical question of the day and Rachel was the last camper to get a question.  The question?  How many carbohydrates are in a banana?  the answer…30grams.  They also had their last campfire.

And on Thursday was the awards ceremony.  It was very emotional to watch.  So then I picked her up on Friday and was very happy to bring her home.  This was a hard three weeks, but very worth it to her development!  We will definately do this again!  Next year she wants to go for 2 sessions!


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