Another Busy week at Camp Sweeney!

This week at Camp Sweeney was filled with F-U-N!!!

On Monday the Bonner Babes (Rachel’s cabin) got the sign for the cleanest cabin.  This is a big deal at camp! 

Then they went roller skating and had chick-fil-A sandwiches!


Then on Tuesday they had the Olympic Campire and Sonic burgers!  This was the night that they celebrated birthdays as well.  They called the kids on stage with the band The Sweeney 5, and they danced and sang.  I am going to try to figure out how to add a video!  Hopefully that will be here soon.

Also Rachel made the camp news! 



We had a stellar time on the zip-line today in Challenge Course! Congrats to Alex Plyler for riding it for the very 1st time! Rachel Cahill was Challenge Course All-Star of the day! She let another camper borrow her equipment when he didn’t have his own, rather than zip-lining herself. Way to go Rachel!!




On Wednesday (Rachel’s Birthday!) they had a magic show and McDonald’s cheeseburgers and cookies.  (the fast food are special snacks, Rachel says the real food is absolutely awesome!)


Then on Thursday they loaded up camp and took them all to the “picture show”  The four younger cabins saw Kung Fu Panda and the four older cabins saw Hancock.

Friday night brought more F-U-N!!  and a Texas sized giant water slide, and Luau pool party! 

Then Saturday they had a 50’s sock hop with costumes, dance contests and lots of F-U-N!!

And Sunday was a wonderful worship service and more Olympics.

For her final week of camp she will be taking…

Rachel Cahill


First Period:


Second Period:


Third Period:


Fourth Period:


Fifth Period:


There were a lot less pictures this week, I think she was avoiding the camera!  😉
I drive to Dallas on Thursday and pick her up Friday morning so by Saturday we should have a final camp report.

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