Camp Sweeney!!

We dropped Rachel off on June 29th for a three week camp!  This will be her longest time away from home.  Here is a rundown of her first week at camp…

Sunday:  All camp swim and opening campfire.  The new campers were assigned their Alpha/Beta assignments and Rachel was put on Alpha!!!

Monday:  Campers chose their “classes” for the week.  Rachel chose soccer, water park, tumbling, challenge course and Arts and Crafts.  They had Team sports (Alphas vs. Betas).  Bonner and Leonard played Dodge ball.



Then the all camp dance.  Rachel was looking really cute when her “date” picked her up at her cabin to escort her to the dance.



Tuesday: The whole Camp went to the movies.  They saw Wall-E and had popcorn and sodas.   F-U-N was had by all.

Wednesday:  The evening activity was to go into town to the video arcade and an ice cream party!

Thursday: Camp wide hike. 

Friday:  4th of July carnival and fireworks.


Saturday:  Camp wide Halloween dance.  The costumes were great!

Sunday:  Started with Chapel


Then a camp wide swim.  And then they started the camp Olympics which included watermelon at the finish line!


WOW!  What a busy week, let’s see what next week brings!


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  1. Sarah H.

    Hi Rachel!! This is Sarah H. I sat at your table at 2nd session 2008!! I miss you lots and hope to see you next summer!!!!

    Lots of Love,

    -Sarah H.

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